Coronation Capital
Coronation Capital is a Private Equity Fund manager with a culture built on promoting innovation, good corporate citizenship and delivering strong returns to our investors.
Our aim is to build well-positioned, well-run, cash-generative, and sustainable businesses that become significant employers and sources of growth in West Africa.
Our Focus Sectors
Coronation Capital Financials

Financial Services

Our purpose is to invest wisely and create value for multiple stakeholders who believe in Africa. Our people have almost 80 years of combined investment experience.
Consumer Goods and Services

Consumer Goods & Services

Our team has several years of operational and investing experience and have helped businesses become leaders in their sectors. We take significant equity positions in Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Services and Technology Solutions businesses and provide support to help them become strong and successful.

Technology Enabled Solutions

We leverage investors’ capital alongside our own, ensuring that each partner has completely aligned expectations and incentives for creating success.

Our decisions have a transformational impact on companies that we invest in, often becoming market leaders in their sectors.
How to Create Value

Value creation is at the core of our existence. We invest in assets, people and systems which together, can transform a business that is ready for scale. We call it ‘Reach’, ‘Expertise’, ‘Do More’ and ‘Impact’ – four pillars that underpin our value creation strategy designed to support management teams and help investors achieve their goals.

The Coronation Capital Edge


An extensive ecosystem and network
  • Deep network of experienced investment, senior management, regulatory, governance and operational change professionals and relationships across West Africa
  • Our ecosystem is based on trust, previous experience working together and is designed to help colleagues and management teams


Deep sector knowledge
  • We invest in sectors we know and value depth over breadth
  • Sector specialties: Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Technology Solutions


Instilling ESG and sustainable outcomes
  • We pursue sustainable investments that make economic, social and ethical sense
  • We seek environmental, social and governance outcomes that are predictable and reliable for all stakeholders
Best Practices

Our long-term goal is not only to make profits, but also to create a positive impact on our society, improving the quality of life for all. We are good citizens wherever we work, respecting local communities and the people who live and work in them.

We aim for best practices across all ESG benchmarks, ensuring that we meet agreed environmental, social and governance standards. We are committed to deploying long-term, patient capital to ensure collective and sustainable value for all stakeholders, rather than seeking quick exit strategies. This ensures that portfolio companies are stronger and more valuable post exit.